Our Process: From Design to Creation to Finish


Step One: Design

It all begins with inspiration and a sketch pad. Salvations owner, Barry Remley, designs and draws every new piece by hand, always evolving the collection while keeping true to our trademark style.

But it’s not just our inspiration that matters. We also thrive on the shared satisfaction of collaborating with clients on custom designs, bringing their creative vision to life. (Learn how to place a custom order.)

Step Two: Salvage

We reuse and recycle materials whenever possible. This reduces waste and also lends continuity to our work, allowing the artistry of one piece to subtly enrich the creation of another.

We also collect antique architectural elements from salvage yards and dealers in the U.S. and abroad. We incorporate these elements in select furniture designs or by custom order for an elegant infusion of history.

Step Three: Fabrication

All of our work is hand forged from raw iron by artisan blacksmiths in Virginia and Maryland. Barry works closely with each blacksmith to execute every detail to perfection based on precise drawings and specifications.

Step Four: Finishing

Upon arrival at our Maryland studio, every piece is cleaned and sanded to create an optimal surface for finishing. Tables are measured for tops, and those with rounded edges are sent directly to the fabricator for a perfect fit.

Each piece is then finished by skilled artists who apply our original, low-VOC paint finishes by hand. Every finish requires meticulous layering of multiple colors (from three to six or more).

After a final inspection and some admiration and well-wishing, another Salvations creation is ready to ship.