About Our Hand-Crafted Designs


One of my earliest and fondest memories is of sitting on a stool in my grandfather’s basement workshop, watching him make a beautiful wooden bowl at the lathe. He gave me that bowl as a gift, with both of our names carved on the bottom.

Today the bowl sits on my desk holding my favorite stones—a sweet reminder of my roots and the value of fine craftsmanship.

As we close in on our 30th anniversary, these early influences that helped shape Salvations take on new meaning. They help me see where we’ve been and appreciate where we are today.

While we are always innovating on the design front, the way we do business is virtually the same as when we started.

I still design every piece myself with a pencil and sketch pad. Every piece is still made entirely by hand by local artists and blacksmiths. I still answer the phone and personally ensure that every order is just right.

And, my passion for the work is as strong as ever.

Thank you, for your support and for loving our work as much as I do. We couldn’t have done 30 years without you.



Barry Remley, Salvations Founder and Owner

About Salvations Architectural Furnishings

Salvations has been designing and manufacturing unique handcrafted iron tables and accessories exclusively for the trade since 1986. In addition to private residential installations, Salvations furnishings grace American embassy residences in over 50 nations worldwide. Although all production is based in and around our Maryland studio, our work is featured in showrooms across the U.S. and in Canada.